Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'd like to Right A Ron...

by sending you over to my photography blog at so you can meet a friend of mine and realize that I actually MEANT to mis-spell the above title.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Falling In Love...

Fall has fallen upon us Reynolds. 

 The first thing I always wanna do when fall blows in is dust off the cornucopia that lives in the garage and stuff it with squashworthy colors… and pump it up with pumpkin. 
It means the crock pot becomes a countertop staple – is there anything better than slow southern cooking? It means Cornish game hens and whole bird chicken will adorn our plates. It means we’re gonna run out of cinnamon at some point. It means that there will be a crunch beneath our feet because the leaves will pad our path. It means this ol’ girl is gonna get to break out a light jacket and put on a pair of jeans! I know I’m in the midst of it, but isn’t fall fabulous? It screams hope – fun – cozy – cool – crunchy – spicy – rich – herby and crackly.

 And speaking of herbs…. I am so in love with the herbs in our backyard. As I fill my Crockpot in the morning, I often pop outside (still pajama clad – just ask the birds and squirrels) to snip a sprig or two of rosemary or basil, while trying to NOT capture the attention of the little outdoorsy-girl who might be peeking out of a window.   

And the kids are loving it too! The bouncy ball has moved outside and if you keep baby G indoors too long, she’ll stand at the sliding door staring at its’ green grandeur. And she’ll eventually tug on your hand, point to the door and say “Ow-side?”

I hafta say, there’s some kind of bliss in having an OUTDOOR loungechair calling your name. I fully anticipate many minutes will be spent with a mug of something delicious, a magazine, a baby, and a mama on the back patio.
And maybe a box of tissues… the allergies are as vivid as the fall colors.