Sunday, July 31, 2011

I need another vacation!

It's been so crazy around here; I need another vacation. But that's just not gonna happen, so I'm taking a FAKE-cation by examining some pics I took on our July trip.
Let's visit N'awlins... okay - so I'm a Texan and the honest-to-God truth is that even in my head I emphasize the "New" in New Orleans.
Here we go...
We entered the city - following a taxi - he knew where he was going. We just had to keep our eyes peeled for the long line of residents at the Crown Astoria Hotel, our home for the night. 

Yeah, dude knew where he was going.
Even the street lights have personality all their own. 

Just looking out of the hotel window was a sight. 

Even the sides of buildings were obvious rental space for ads. 

Kitschy little front door. 

Residential area. 

Anything that says "French Market" is cool. 

French Quarter water view. 

Not Disney - anyone know the what the scoop is on this building? 

Let's just be honest... this is pretty much the reason we stopped here in the first place, right? 

Local waitress.

Early morning grump... bring on the beignets and HURRY! 

Some of us are just more patient than others.

I can't say I know what this expression is. It seems to be a phase. I think I'll call it 'Hunter's Opinion Face.' He seems to wear it when he's got an opinion. 

See, child? They DO bring food. You just gotta be nice and wait a whole ten seconds for it. 

Can I just say - we're talking MASSIVE amounts of powdered sugar. MASSIVE. And they dropped their fried dough to dip fingertips in the white stuff. 

Seriously. I kid you not! 

Culprit # 1 

Culprit # 2

These are just a few of the pics we took in New Orleans this summer. I don't wanna be the neighbor that invites you over for dinner and fails to mention the slide show they're gonna slam you with.
Slide show over.
Jessica out. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Okay - so this awesome thing is going on in my life. My mom is getting married to a really good dude!
His name is Ken McDonald and when I was a five-year-old singing in the church's angel choir, he was the choir director. And I can vouch for his heart. As a five-year-old, I remember that when us children would ask questions or talk to him, he would make eye contact and smile the most comforting smile. We could tell he really liked us and his presence wasn't out of obligation or a pay check. We knew he had passion for music and honestly loved children, we saw his nurturing heart to his own daughters too!

So Mom is in love. She giggles like a teenager in love. Her eyes sparkle when she talks about him. They share their own brand of 'inside jokes' - and not the kind that make you feel left out (as inside jokes tend to do.) Their inside jokes are fun to see from the outsider. It's a witness of love and deep friendship. (They HAVE known each other since the 1980's after all!)

Hunter is the best man. 
Their big day is in less than one week. And Mom will be moving to New Mexico. I'll miss her. I'll miss them both. But I got a feeling I'm gonna see a little bit more New Mexico than ever before,  and I've got a feeling that they'll be back some day.


They are both passionate about music! 

Mom's hand. 

Can you tell I'm in a wedding state of mind??!?!?

SOOOO... if you'd like to take a peek at Mom & Ken's wedding website...
Feel free to post a memory or wish them well as they embark on this adventure - I know they'll treasure it!

Next post - I'm taking you all to New Orleans! We're going to explore the French Quarter together... (through photos! And I promise... ornery photos included!)