Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Body - The Universe Within (no - it's not a fat joke, so quit smirking!)

Saturday mornings are the best. They're lazy and carefree. I meander towards my coffee cup and it takes a while for me to wake up. I sip coffee as I slowly chew each bite of my breakfast health bar and let the chocolate flood my mouth in mochaliciousness.
This was a different Saturday. We went South Austin granola for a day. We made our way into UT territory to visit the Our Body - The Universe Within exhibit. We stopped along the way for a few photo-opps and a visit to the University Co-op. Dirty Martins to whet our whistles and stretch our waist-bands in burger utopia. A real greasy spoon!
We soaked in our kids... I mean really soaked them in. I swear--- throughout the day I could literally see their brain sprockets rotating. They learned this Saturday. It was great!

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