Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oprah's Gone. It's My Turn.

Now that my four o'clock time slot no longer contains an Oprah episode, it's time for Jessica's Favorite Things to surface.

Let's talk personal care!

Runner up

  • Neolia Organic Olive Oil Body Wash 
This stuff is Ahhhh-mazing! It smells like little drops of Heaven and it's a dual-purpose time-saver. It's perfect for a great, moisturizing lather and blissful for shaving. 
  • Body Lotion

I love this. It's completely non-greasy and there's not a chemical one! Seriously. You could eat this stuff. And it smells like an orange creamsicle as you're applying it. And then you're golden. You smell NOTHING! I use it on my baby since her skin is SUPER sensitive and tends toward eczema. No flare ups! I especially love to buy it when Suzanne offers her bulk discounts. 
And if you're avoiding un-necessary chemicals - the 30 SPF facial sunscreen is so freaking amazing, effective longer than even greater SPF's. It's mineral-based and stays on ALL DAY LONG! You can buy it at or

  • Crystalift Microdermabrasion Machine - This sucker uses the crystals from baking soda. That's it. Baking Soda. No chems. A small ergonomic wand glides across your face delivering the intensity you select using the abrasion from baking soda crystals to gently "sand" the top layer of dead skin from your complexion. The best part? It sucks it right off with a gentle vacuum at the same time so it's mess-free. The used baking soda collects in a reservoir that you simply toss in the trash when done. You can use it almost anywhere and can be used once a week. 
  • Clarisonic Complexion Brush - After a long day of wearing makeup, sometimes your cleanser doesn't remove it all. Enter the Clarisonic. It's made by the same people who have provided us with our Sonicare toothbrushes.. Philips! This baby is perfect for daily use, in the shower (slough those knees and elbows using a different brush head.) It comes with the Clarisonic line of facial cleanser, but works with your favorite facial cleanser, which leads me to...
  • TOTALLY COUNTER-INTUITIVE, right? I know. But DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil is the best. The oils combine with the dirt and oils on your skin, emulsifying and rinsing completely clean. When you dry your skin off and do the skeptical touch to determine if your skin feels like a oily zit farm, you'll be knocked right out of your socks. It's amazing. You'll have never felt cleaner!!!
  • Suzanne's Bioactive Moisturizer is light, airy, whippy... perfect. It's gonna be a summer staple for sure. Again - you can spread this on a bagel and eat it. Totally chem-free. Refreshing citrus scent. 
BUT when you want something for REALLY dry skin...

  • Enter DHC's Olive Virgin Oil. Again with the counter-intuition. It's fabulous and not at all what you're thinking. This is not the stuff you cook with. It's straight olive oil. You got that part right. However, this stuff does not coat your skin. Your skin literally drinks it in like it's in the Sahara Desert. It's fabulous and a major part of my life. Order it right off of DHC's website and they'll always include free samples. 
And then we also have to smell nice. 

  • Wysong Dry Deodorant Catalyst (for humans) or any of their deodorants containing:  Mineral Salts, Methylated Organic Sulfur (MSM), Desiccated Sea Plankton, Aloe Vera are insanely effective for those who tend towards hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration.)  It's so effective that you can actually dial the amount of help you need. I learned this when I was just dousing my armpits with the catalyst dry. I started to notice the natural moisture under my arms was leaving and I was beginning to feel uncomfortable and bruised under my arms. I came to learn there was such a thing as 'too much.' I now dust only a few sprinkles onto my Tom's Of Maine Aluminum-free solid stick deodorant and apply that way. But I'm dying to try Wysong's others. Maybe the crystal stick next time?  The other benefit is that since it does NOT contain aluminum, you will NEVER EVER deal with those YELLOW UNDERARM STAINS ON YOUR WHITE SHIRTS AGAIN! Mother nature knows best. 
  • It's time to hit Sephora for their LaVanila stash. LaVanila is the HEALTHY perfume people. Instead of allowing the transdermal consumption of chemicals with your conventional perfume, this stuff benefits your skin. (They also make deodorant, lotions and sunscreens in a variety of LaVanila flavors.)
  • Burt's Bees Honey Perfume - it smells great and does no harm - it's un-tinted to boot, so men will partake too! This goes absolutely anywhere! And if you're going to be in the sun, try Burt's Bee's Lifeguard's Choice - it goes on thick and zinc like (color free)
AND now - One little naughty pleasure. 

  • LORAC Multiplex Lipgloss in 3D - There's really no one this stuff doesn't look good on. No one. It delivers shine and moisture. (But it's a conventional product chock-full-of-chems, so it's definitely not my daily driver.) If you are interested in chem-free cosmetics, check out and go hog wild - their buyers research and test before carrying each product! 

These are my favorite body care products.... and the list is ever-growing! 

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