Friday, November 12, 2010

Another November Day

Last weekend, I hosted a Shutterfly party. Instead of the typical Tupperware type party where your guests attend with checkbook in hand, my guests came to receive. (I SO LoVEloVeLoVe this type of party. I just wanna give, especially when it costs nothing!)

My little brother came over earlier in the day to hang out, play with the kids, watch the game with my hubs, and just relish in our sibling-hood. I relished in our sibling-hood, while prepping for the party. We grabbed a 40 pack of tenders from Chicken Express (nostalgia to our Pampa roots) and I made a batch of uber-gooey fudgy brownies (true to our childhood taste buds, but handy for the party a-brewing!) All in all - a really good day! But back to the party...

Genevieve is a precious friend! 

My friends loved their re-usable Shutterfly totes holding their coupon codes for a free 20 page 8X8 hardcover Shutterfly photobook, 10 free customizable photo holiday cards, and free shipping for all! 

There's always a morning after. 


This is my 'Croc' - where am I located? This texture should be a bit familiar. 
If you're unsure - keep reading. The answer is at the end.

These are a few shots taken today. During the times I attempt to complete an assignment for school, I usually become distracted and start shooting the random... 

These two fellas look like they're gonna find each other.  They were kinda fun to watch for the few moments they interacted.  

Look at that one on the right... totally peacocking! Ha ha! If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, you're obviously not up on Zac Efron flicks. Go rent '17 Again' immediately! 

Okay. I'm going to give you a hint (if you haven't answered the trivia question yet.)
Alright. If you don't know now - we can't be friends anymore.
But seriously, check out these clouds - God must've borrowed these from a Bob Ross painting. Thank you, Lord. Noted AND appreciated!

Since I feel a little nostalgic about my hometown today, I will end with this shot and wish you a wonderful weekend. 

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  1. Pampa - Perryton

    My aunt was tickled when I told her you were from Pampa :)