Sunday, December 19, 2010

On A Night Before Christmas...

On A Night Before Christmas...
Two Mommies went out on the town. 
They brought with them cameras & lenses & and excitement of a shoot down! 
Hoping they'd find the perfect venue 
and shoot something different - something that's new. 
They started in Lakeway, considered Oasis. 
But knew they'd need to buy dinner there - time spent is wasted. 
They blew by a dad's house because family is free. 
And check it out - all they shot was a tree! 

So on they went, Genevieve thought they were lost.
In the backseat their tripods were carefully "tossed."
Lo and behold, lights called out with sparks - 
and their car brought them to 
the grandest of parks! 

So what do you do when the park is a zoo?
Do you stick it out or go find something new. 
We'd already been and photographed the lake - 
so we settled on splitting a funnel cake. 

Everyone knows spinning beneath is what the Zilker tree is for. And if the grease of your funnel cake hasn't nauseated you - the spinning will for sure! 
Alas, we came up with a trick - if the camera does the spinning, you'll never get sick! 
And since I have a lego-maniac at home, the second shot is for my boy. 
See what mama comes up with when your camera is your toy!

But Zilker wasn't our only stop - so much more to see! 
Maybe our night had a theme - suppose it was 'the tree'???
What nocturnal tree creature is curious to a fault? 
You can tell this curiosity- because "Who-hoo" he calls out.
(Kevin's favorite building in Austin is the Frost bank. It looks like an owl!)

So - enough of this cheesy rhyme - I'll just finish up with a couple of capitol shots. Notice I spelled it the capitol - not the capital.  

By the time I opened the front door, it was 2 a.m.
But it was fun & worth the exhaustion! Lots of fun and lots of laughs. 

Next post coming very soon and it will be all about grandparents. Mine to be exact. :) 
Stay in good health, and for God's sake - get some sleep! 

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