Sunday, December 12, 2010

Smashing, my dear... just smashing!

We lacked the energy (or the approving mood of the baby) to give her the smash cake on her birthday-birthday so we gave it to her today. It is quite obvious that she takes after her daddy on cake smashing. 

She actually avoided the cute little (edible-delicious-none-too-nutritious) green circle with cotton candy pink piped edges! 
When she finally decided on a little nibble, she methodically started at the little pink fondant number "1" - are ya seeing her daddy in these little choices?... I sure am!

Pretty good stuff, ain't it?!

And she loves that daddy  of hers.

And he loves her too.

And you know when Hurricane Gianna has had enough of the camera and is on to new and better 'one-year-old' things.

Proud mama... out.

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