Saturday, January 29, 2011


I wouldn't say we've outgrown our house, because I firmly believe you should learn to live within the space you have before an upgrade could be deserved. On our little plot of land, though - sometimes it seems I've got nowhere to go that is mine.
I may sit down to plan the week's menu - leap up to kiss a boo-boo, chauffeur a child, or change a diaper and return to find that my list has grown legs and ran away. It can be frustrating and sometimes it would be nice to have a place that is just mine. I can close it up and return to it knowing it will be just as I left it.
As a human - I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this desire.
And dear husband enters.

I must be loved...
I know this because my husband took our coat closet and turned it into a space of my very own.
Jessica space. Check it out!

And he even drilled a hole into an old sconce we bought on clearance years ago (and has sat in it's pretty box (in our attic)) so that he could install a toggle switch for me. I love that he left the words "on/off" because he knows how wordy I can be! HA!

He even installed a toggle switch into the sconce for me. I am so loved... now I'm gonna go cuddle him and show him I love him too!

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