Friday, March 25, 2011

Moments of Consciousness

 It's All In Perspective...
I haven't been talkin' much lately. There's been a whole lotta stuff going on this Spring and I'm just starting with a baby step to update things.
I thought I'd start with the two littlest littles and move on up to the big people. (Yes, Julianne - you're almost one of us big people. This a milestone and while I know you'll relish in it, it's bittersweet for me. Come June, I will have a teenager in the house!) (Yikes!)
In all honesty, it's crazy - it wasn't so long ago I looked at our big, big world through my small, childlike perspective and saw everything so monstrously big (and somewhat scary!) Now I look at my children through my scratched, somewhat jaded parent glasses and see my babies as small, needful creatures that are growing fast like the aggressive weeds that sprout up around the pole of the stop sign in the corner of our yard. Whole different perspective, those eyes. Totally.

Un-wasted Time

We went out to Lakeway the other day - Kevin went to make a repair for Grandpa, so we all piled in the car and bombarded the quiet community.

Grandpa likes us to come in through the garage, where he keeps his walkin' hat.

The cool thing about Grandpa is that he's a man who truly likes children. And children like him. I know mustering excitement over Star Wars when you're ninety-four is probably quite a daunting task, but he does it with such class and style. Man, our kids are lucky! Man, I am lucky!

Baby G patiently (sorta) waits the return of her big bubba (also known as play toy #2.)
"Oh, thank heaven you're back, Bubba! I thought you had forgotten all about me! Now come inside, wash your hands, and let's play choo-choo-trains in Great-Grandpa's carpet room!" (And by 'choo-choo-trains' I mean that you'll be the train and I'll be the conductor! I bet you're glad you had a light breakfast!)

Even choo-choo-trains need hugs!

Fortunately (for Bubba), the big carpet room has a television with PBS coming in loud and clear.

Great-Grandpa came in and suggested that it might be lunch time! Whoo-hoo! Lunch always sounds good to these kids!

These Boots Were Made For W---hat?!?!

So, we're fortunate that we've got some pretty sweet toys laying around from siblings, friends, and birthday/Christmases. And one would think that a kid would go nuts - a pink kitchen for heaven's sake!

But the real gem - the sacred toy treasured in this house is actually no toy at all. (And it's outside!)

We're talking about the sandy dirt pile in the backyard and pair of hand-me-down boots that were once Julianne's and now belong to Hunter (or do they?)

And when it's time to come in, Miss Priss wants to bring her precious dirt-filled boot along with her.
So if you should happen to come for a visit and notice that my floors don't sparkle like some super-mom's you might know...
just remember the one nugget of wisdom these kids have taught us over the years: 
"We don't need no stinkin' toys!"

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