Friday, June 10, 2011

Mommy Flubbed.

I feel terrible. Hunter had his 9th birthday on April 25th. This is the very first time, the ONLY time he has arrived at year number nine and celebration of this fact is due a blog announcement.

It's amazing how much one day (8 yrs. to 9 yrs.) can make! (Wink)

My apologies, son. You're so important to your mama, I just assumed the whole big, wide world was celebratin' right along with us!

We celebrated the event at one of our favorite Round Rock restaurants, Homefield Grill! Beats the hell outta Gattiland, y'all! A much more peaceful version of a restaurant with arcade games (and the food is SOOOOOOO much more worth the caloric value!

Anyhow - we ALL got together and celebrated. Even my grand-daddy came and had a nice time. Homefield was so accommodating, we even had our own little room for the festivities.
And I want to thank Mom, Dad, and Chris for swallowing the awkwardness of sittin' in a room together for the little guy's big day. (Divorce = AWKWARD! Though my fingers will be forever crossed that one day - that feeling called awkward will leave as swiftly as it came (and stay gone TWICE as long as it's been around.))

But if you're a nine year old boy and your hanging with your cousin - you're golden.
You're also golden if you've been saving your allowance and birthday money to the point that you've finally accumulated enough dough to buy...


The Star Wars Death Star!

It's SOOOOOO heavy! Lucky dude!

And it's got fifty gazillion pieces... this is just set/pack numero dos! 

Oh, yeah. You read that right. Hunter Michael is the proud owner of the Star Wars Death Star. (And he's politely requested I stop calling it the 'bath star' and any other mispronounciation of this important piece of Star Wars glory.

Happy birthday (belated) my wonderful son. I love you more every single day that you're with me. (That's gonna be a lotta love by the time you're ready to get your own place, isn't it!?! Good luck with that. Betcha Mama is gonna have a hard time lettin' you go because you're AWESOME!

LOVE LOVE LOVE - till next time!

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