Sunday, June 5, 2011

When A Girl Becomes A Teen

When a girl becomes a teenager, it's big stuff and must be treated as such.
About a week ago, my mom took the teen-to-be shopping for a birthday celebration.

We didn't quite know how to properly celebrate so I stole an old idea of my folks and made the stinker a special box filled with folded bits of paper presenting new responsibilities and privileges. We also tossed in a few affirmations and compliments for good measure.

And then, we decided breakfast in bed - definite MUST! And one must have orange juice in a wine glass - topped off with a KRAZY straw, of course.

We scrambled cheesy eggs and fried apple chicken sausage, filled her room with pink balloons (because we really never grow out of pink, balloons, and being princesses (do we?)

And we startled her awake with the birthday ballad!

This is my mom. 

Hungry Teenager
And you hafta let a teenager eat... they're hungry, you know.

But after a while, they'll wanna come open their birthday gifts. 

And the day has to go on, for a while anyhow. We dipped homemade moon pies and did a few chores.
And ended up having a nice birthday dinner with some of the other people that the teenager wanted to spend some birthday time with, too!


The Teenager's very own Granny Chris and Papa who were so kind to treat the Teenager to Benihana.

The teenager's groupie.

The Teenager's Grandpa Mark

The Beautiful Barb...

The Teenager's Teenage Aunt (and The Teenager's little brother)

The Teenager gave the day a big 'thumbs up' and was happy to share the day with so many folks who love her (and who she loves, too!)

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