Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ifun iphone

I truly believe it's important to explore around your home. If you're unhappy with you're current latitude, chances are a little local exploration will shed a new light on things. Just leave your keys on the counter and step outside your front door. There's always beauty - even in the ugly. Thank God for that!

Our new abode requires a little exploration. I had the stroller and toddler by my side, so I wasn't as able to spend the kind of time I'd have liked, but there's always tomorrow.

This isn't a post about high-res photography or even photography at all - this stuff is snapped with a handy cell phone I pulled out of my rear pocket. What would you capture on your exploration?

And it has nothing to do with living by a lake or living by a dumpster or something in between!   I went exploring my old neighborhood prior to the move.
Check out the sad, abandoned couch… I contributed a pair of green satin pumps to pull the story into a photography project. 

So I will continue to grab my phone and GO! Hope you will, too - and be sure to share what you stumble upon! 
P.s. If you look at the dark and dreary with the eyes of an author, you'll bring beauty out of the ugly and it'll help lift your spirits. Unimaginable, I know - but true. Make that phone earn its' bill!

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  1. Jessica, I always like your unique outlook on things. You are such a treasure!