Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kevin had a honey-do list to attend to, so we spent the day at Mom's house. But first-thing's-first, we had to get our Steak & Shake on. It's just what you do in Round Rock. Gigi hasn't quite grasped the beauty of a slider... and I think she might be the one who has been biting the straws that go to our Tervis Tumblers. (I'll chock it up to teething and let it go, for now.)

Kevin has a system. It must not be interfered with . 

It just dawned on her that she could be OUTside instead of INside.

Pause for the cause. Brother's trying to get a little game of peek-a-boo in. 

"Okay, bubs - I laughed at your antics. I'm cutting you off now." 

Ah, fresh autumn air...

And because she's a toddler, stairs of any kind are a current infatuation. 

"Look Mama! I made it down the stairs - NO HANDS!"

Hmm... if I can do it twice, I'll get twice the 'atta-girls'...

Little Levi Butt. 

She can sure crack herself up! 

Little bit of a ham! 

 She also happens to be the only one who was willing to be photographed.

Mom's lonely Hummingbird feeder.

Well, that's pretty much it. Not much of a story, I know - just a glimpse into what we were up to one day last week - and a few pics to give you a hint of the personality that is Gigi.
Happy autumn everyone! 

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