Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ears (check.) Eczema (wh..a...?)

Gigi had her followup appointment this morning. At 9:15. A.M.
And that's hard. She didn't really want to fall asleep until well after midnight.
And then I couldn't really sleep. My mind was on for the rest of the night.
Coulda been pretty cool if it'd made for some crazy dreams.
But nah. Just woke up tired today. So that made a 9:15 a.m. appointment kinda treacherous.
But we made it. Walked in at 9:12, waited in the waiting room for 15 minutes and then spent another half-hour in the patient room waiting for the doctor. That's actually pretty good. Most doctors make you wait about an hour and a half. Even the good ones out here.
Sometimes I wonder if doctors stick it to us on the time thing because the insurance companies are sticking it to them on the money/coverage thing. I've often wondered if it's just some sort of meanderthon that makes them feel better about their profession. They all probably went into medicine because they 'wanted to help people.' Pretty sure that stuff gets shuffled among all the paperwork and prescriptions. I don't know. But I do know this. NEVER once. Never. Not even when I broke my back. Not once have I ever entered a doctor's office and been seen even remotely close to the time that I was scheduled at. It doesn't really bother me anymore. And I don't recall ever receiving an apology for the wasted moments in the exam room or after sitting next to the sniffly obese woman smelling of curry in the waiting area. It amuses me, as do tongue depressors.
Gigi's ears are looking better. We were prescribed some drops for her left ear though. Help it heal a little more.
And then we discussed the itchy patches on Gigi's arm. (Not detergent, thank you - we've been 'pure and free' for quite some time. Even before it became cool.)
Labeled eczema and was sent to collect the following items from Walgreens: Aquafor ointment/lotion, hydrocortisone creme & Neosporin. Plus a bottle of yellow Gatorade to entice the two-year-old into behaving through the checkout.
Time for a nap. Yeah. I got your Valentine right here and it starts with Zzzzzzzz.

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