Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gigi's got her very first round of ear infections along with a cold, which means my lap is home base, my shoulder is sporting the shiny remnants of the last time she decided to wipe her nose on me, and the house is covered in germy shredded Kleenex (c'mon, we ARE talking about Gigi here.)
The kid is nuts about Barney & Friends and in the continual replay mode that it's in, I just happened to notice the idea bench - and now I want a Barney & Friends Idea Bench of my VERY own! 

  1. It rotates/spins.
  2. Only two people can sit at it. BONUS!
  3. It's a cool river blue color. 
  4. Its' base is a tree stump. 
  5. It's "S" shaped.
  6. It rotates/spins. 

Back to nose-wiping, laundry, and kitchen clean-up. Talk to ya later. 

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