Monday, May 2, 2011

I have a BAY-BEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

This is an admission of lived-in-ness within the walls of our home. 
Hunter is nine and Gianna is one (16 months to be precise about it) and there are moments more frequent than I'd admit to that I am shocked at the reality 'I have a baby.' Maybe it wouldn't be this way if there wasn't such a spread of time in between the two kids. But occasionally, I trip over a plastic tea cup with a smiley face - and I smile. And inside I am giddy because I am still in that baby game.
When you open the cabinet next to the fridge, there's a good chance an avalanche of Playtex bottles, liners and sippy cups will shower your head.

Our master bathroom was once decorated to be an oasis for Kevin and I, but now the bathtub has been overcome by squeaky squirty toys, musical bath flutes and various bottles of delicious baby soap. The sight of all this makes me happy.

The day that I looked into my cabinet and saw shiny coffee mugs and looked into my tub and saw a layer of dust has come and gone and thank God because that day made me sad. I guess babyhood wasn't out of me maybe it's why God gave us this blessing of tiny pink socks with dirty soles and sticky remote controls. I don't know - and I'm not gonna think it too much because I'm busy drinking and breathing it in as it is today, that laundry pile can wait another day - it's been there a week, already!

It's just how it is.

My babies are fine despite not having a Martha-clean home to live in.
They're happy. Proof positive is this mirror in Gigi's room. See the smudges on the glass?

Those are kisses she's planted on the sweet baby image reflecting back at her. She loves herself.
How could I ever dare to erase that affection!?!

Super short post, I know... but baby "G" is almost finished with lunch and I need to clean the food out of her fine little curls.

And I think 'Brobee' would appreciate a thorough hand-washing before she resumes dragging him through the house.

HUGS AND KISSES! Happy Monday!

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  1. It's all in the eye of the beholder & you have such lovely eyes Jess!:)