Friday, February 18, 2011

Capital, Capitol, Cap-it-all!

Entirely too fun of a class I had this past Saturday. We met at the Rotunda at 9 a.m.
I thought I would share some of the shots as I prepare them for class. The assignment? 

To shoot the capitol in a way that it has never been seen... through our own eyes. 

Ma Ferguson

This is actually a door knob! (above photo)

I had to use my shoe to turn this water fountain on for this shot! 

The hinges on some of the doors are fabulous! (above photo)

Underground skylight view of the capitol. 

"Hey!!? What's Dr. Spock doing in Austin!?"

I don't know these kids. But it was kind of sweet. 

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  1. Hi Jessica, love your blog missy! We went to the Capital not that long ago & I didn't realize Spock was there either. lol These are great shots!