Friday, February 11, 2011

Small Doses of Inspiration

My mind wanders alot. I kind of like that it does because it's like an ongoing movie reel. I am never bored inside my own head. I guess that's why I prefer to space out in it.
SO... I was spacing out and realized that I take my inspiration in small, sporadic doses.
Like flipping through the pages of a forgotten cookbook that I've had on my shelf for years. There are photographs of delicious foods that inspire me in wonderful ways. One of my favorite images has the author of the cookbook sitting in her bed. It's not any bed. It's a gorgeous four poster with lace curtains hung in such a way that it has created a lacy sanctuary of this bed. Antique battenburg sheets crumpled ever-so-slightly around a gorgeous silver serving tray. Upon this tray has a bowl of fresh, bright red berries, and a beautiful intricate teapot (no doubt that it's antique.) The beautiful author is sitting in a pair of cream silk pajamas and is holding a saucer and teacup that match the detailed little teapot. She is smiling in this beautiful nest of antique lace she's created for herself. When I look at this photograph, I can almost smell hints of chamomile steaming out of the pages of this book that has been sitting closed on my shelf for at least four years. It always surprises me how looking through this cookbook and seeing the photos create a haven for me. I am enveloped into the pages as I turn them. Just a little housewife and her cookbook. Really - it is something special. Do you have a book that pulls you in? Is it the words written inside or is it an illustration or a photograph? 

So this week's assignment is to photograph a fable.
Well, I don't own a book of Aesop's Fables and earlier this week I sat on the couch reading "One Minute Bedtime Stories to Hunter, Juli, and Gigi - I remember that it told the story of the Lion and The Mouse (that's an Aesop!) No mouse and no lion on hand. It had the boy who cried wolf. Short of pulling out Grandpa Wolf's old chain with the (yeah - redundant, I know) wolf on it and having Hunter put it in his mouth and cup his hands around his lips so that I can photograph it, I am at a loss. And then I think of the Maiden and the eggs. Moral to the story - don't count your eggs before they hatch.
I have an old wire egg gathering basket. I have eggs. I also have a backyard I can bust one in. So here ya go.
Homework. Done. Almost. 
The one above shows Lines - horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. 

This one covers the elements of light/dark. (Your eye will naturally go to the lightest part of the frame.)

The above shot covers focus. (Your eye will naturally go to the sharpest area in the image. The shell and grass are in focus and yolk falls out.)

And finally, the last design element requested in this project: Motion. The egg goo is drifting away from the shell and yolk which shows movement - or that movement has occurred. 
So in an effort to not count my chickens before the hatch, I shall get off my bum and go see if Walgreens has finished processing my prints. When I've printed my contact sheet and picked up my prints, I can officially say that my homework is DONE and enjoy my Friday night!

And I'm in an ongoing project of re-creating the identity of my IKEA mirror. In that process, I've found a fabulous place to display some of my Grandma's costume jewelry in all it's fabulousness. 
Here - take a peek! 

As always, more to come! 

'Till later, enjoy your weekend, family, kids, and whatever small doses of inspiration happen upon you. 

Much love, 

Jessica Ann

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