Saturday, February 5, 2011

Things I dig - (and the list forever grows!)

  1. Yoga - And please don't give me the hooey about how it is not in line with christian beliefs because rhythmic breathing encompasses all beliefs. If you're Catholic, rhythmically recite the Rosary. If you're protestant, recite a favorite hymn or the Our Father. A Buddhist chant would work. Heck - if you're a mime, you could just be quiet! Yoga increases flexibility, peace, and benefits respiration and circulation. Not to mention that it brings about awareness within your being. If you are a faith-driven person, yoga could become a way you connect with your higher power. 
  2. Books - I love a good book! And I'm not bound to one particular type. I will read fiction and non-fiction. The thing about me is that I don't like to just own books. I don't like but having a few on hand to read or else it becomes overwhelming and I cannot select one to read. (I guess I really dig the Kindle concept, but I will say, a virtual book needs to be no more than $2.00. No tangible item in my hands. Maybe one day, those will be less expensive. Until then - to me, there's nothing better than a big gift card to Barnes & Noble! Coffee---books.YES! 
  3. Coffee - I love it. I love the taste of it. It's rich, decadent and I'd take it over most meals. Especially with flavorful notes of caramel or chocolatey mocha! I have a Nespresso Citiz machine. Love it! It's delicious. I would rather drink my own Nespresso coffee than get sub-par coffee at Starbucks. I love coffee. 
  4. Scented Markers - they brighten my day. Seriously. 
  5. The idea of being a tea lover. I have this huge stash of tea and accessories. I want to love tea. But my heart is about coffee. One day, I'll find a way to love the translucent flavors of tea. But at this point, I'm still a snob for the rich, foamy crema that settles in my mug just waiting to adorn my upper lip. 
  6. Scented Foam Car Washes - The kind you drive thru. For me, it's some kind of therapy. One terrible day instantly brightens when I crack the window just enough for that flourescent foam to come close enough to my nose to fill me with that cherry-ish yum-yum! Yeah, I'm a cheap date. 
  7. Cuddles with babies. Do I really have to explain how a fresh-from-God being can fill your heart with all that is good and right in the world just by being able to touch them for a moment? Nah - I didn't think so! 
  8. The way my baby lifts her arms up when she wants me to pick her up. I waited for this. And she's my third child, so I know just how long I will have this. I'll miss it when it's gone so I treasure it while I have it. 
  9. The way it feels when you get to witness a child experiencing something wonderful for the very first time, especially if they knew nothing of its existence. (Along with that - the birth of a healthy baby!)
  10. The way a cushion cut beaded rosary feels in between my fingers. 
  11. The way an easy friendship is - no matter how long it's been since you've seen one another, the friendship is a given. You'll pick up where you left off. 
  12. Lighting. It makes a home feel cozy. I think a lamp belongs on every table in your home. And if you run out of tables, it's time to go for floor lamps. 
  13. Scrolling design and cabbage roses. I'm not sure why - but it's me. 
  14. Jadeite dishes and anything mint green. I'm certain that if I could get away with it, my home would be the monochromatic shades of mint green. But for now I shall enjoy it in the jadeite and the beautiful KitchenAid mixer my husband gave me years back. 
  15. Corner booths.
  16. Suzanne Somers. She won my heart in middle school as she starred as Carol in the sitcom Step-By-Step. She was the mom I wanted to be. Loving, funny, and imperfect. Oh, and beautiful. Her philosophies seemed fresh and well thought out. Then I married and needed cookware. So I bought her mint green handled cookware (which I love and have nourished my family with many, many meals using.) And her rotisserie/convection oven. And her books. And her delicious shakes. And her skincare. And.... 
  17. Wrought iron and pewter. They make for such lovely things. 
  18. Crafts. Arts. But since I do not live in a nursing home, I do not partake in 'arts and crafts.'
  19. Darla Shine. (Yeah - all you feminists are rolling in your graves. And that's okay. I believe that there is something beautiful about the rhythm of a man being the head of the household (should he be worthy of that status) and the woman being the neck. Heee hee! - Seriously. I like being submissive. And I love being appreciated for NOT being a feministic ball buster. While I love Marlo Thomas and Free To Be You And Me - I never could latch onto the philosophy. I cannot pee standing up, and I never shall. And that's okay. 
  20. Purses. Because like every woman on the face of this earth, I am on the quest for the perfect bag. If I had the money to design one and sell it - I have a beaut of an idea for primo functionality. Dad always said 'Too often things are form over function." I would marry the two. I would take my mother's eye for style and my love for tunnels and secret compartments and come up with the slickest little bag you ever did see. But alas - I've got no investors. You won't be seeing Jessica-ized form and function anytime soon.
Well that's it for now. I'll make a new list as I add things to it. 

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