Friday, February 25, 2011

I spent a little time with my grandma today.

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Photos made by yours truly
I won the lottery when I was born. I got some of the greatest grandparents ever gifted to a baby girl on the face of this earth. And I know it.

Today, I spent some time with my Dad's mother.

My grandma:

  • was born in 1917
  • is the most gentle spirit one could ever know
  • is completely incapable of gossip
  • is loved
  • is old-fashioned. She believes the man is the head of the household, and the woman is the heart. 
  • is my grandpa's best girl (and I'm his second best girl.)
  • used to sew amazing clothes, be them for people or her granddaughter's Barbie dolls
  • could cook a MEAN brisket
  • has dementia

When I visit my grandma, I visit her in the nursing home where she lives. Despite having dementia, she is still the most pleasant lady!

My grandpa brings her red roses every few days. The flower department at the grocer where he buys her roses is so touched by the effort of this ninety-four year old man, they have fixed the price of their dozen roses for this particular customer. He never pays over ten dollars.

He visits her every single day and shares one half of a coke with her as they visit.
The dementia has caused her to repeat the same phrase "Help me, Wyatt."
A sign hangs in her room just to calm her concern over where my Grandpa is (when he's not right beside her.)

The dementia has also caused her to say "Oh God, help me." She doesn't realize she's said it. Today the 'beauty operator' (Grandma calls her that) looked over at me after she said it, so I said "She prays a lot."

And I think she probably does. She's a good christian woman.

                                           I saw this pink rose in a flower shop and had to buy it for her...
                                             and amazingly, it is just a silly old silk rose.

                                              (This picture is of her own mama and daddy.)

Dear Lord,
Thank you for choosing Velma Lemons as my grandma. I love her. Each Sunday that I sat in church next to my grandparents, I would hold her hand and run my finger across the smooth polish on her freshly manicured nails. Though it probably appeared I wasn't listening to the minister at the pulpit, I really was. During those times I held Grandma's hand, I learned the most about you and came to love you. Her loving hand was her ministry to her grandchildren. I am so grateful that you gave her to my brothers and I. Thank you, Lord.
Tonight I pray that Grandma feels the peace that only you can give to her. Since she cannot remember in her head, remind her heart that she is loved and that Grandpa will see her tomorrow.
In Your Beautiful, Heavenly Name,


  1. This is the sweetest thing I have ever read...and the pictures are marvelous. You are one special gal, Jessica; what a compassionate and loving heart you have. (I wish I had your eyes and heart to relate to my mother in her dementia.)

  2. Your Grandparents have always been among the most kind and loving people the Lord ever allowed to exist. Your writing ability is

  3. Thank you for posting this, Jessica, and thank you for taking the time to acknowledge how wonderful your grandmother and grandfather both are. As a nephew who never got to see enough of them, I appreciate it all the more.

  4. Jessica this is so beautiful! You got me crying! I love Aunt Velma so much. She is like the epitome of a lady you know? She is amazing. Really words escape me esp now that I'm crying! xoxo Laura

  5. First of all - I soooo love coming upon more relatives - it feeds my soul to know we're all connected because we love the same Wyatt & Velma. Your words are so loving and encouraging that I'm touched, truly! You guys got this one, but the next round of love - totally on me! <3 <3 <3 <3
    I also wanted to let you know that I printed the post and your comments and brought them to Grandpa yesterday. He was so honored by what you wrote and I wish I could share the look on his face - he just looked so loved! Thanks! <3

  6. Awe Jessica, this really pulls at the heart strings. I don't know your grandparents, but got tears in my eyes. The note on the wall is sooo precious and sweet. I knew you came from good stuff!

  7. there are tears in my eyes as I read this. She sounds just like my Nan, who is no longer with us but sadly missed.

  8. Jennifer, thank you for allowing us to peek into your heart and the heart of your Grandma.